CSR is an integral part of everything that we do at Keyal Group


Idea that defines our approach towards CSR

As professional managers, we are conscious that Keyal Group has been given to us in 'trust' by all of our stakeholders and society. This trusteeship model was first propagated by Mahatma Gandhi.

We believe in the trusteeship model whereby businesses, being part of the society in which they operate, are entrusted with looking out for the welfare of the society. Businesses use the resources of the society and in return the society places a trust on them to look after it. CSR for us is fulfilling that trust placed on us. We will continue to contribute to our local community and society in general.

Keyal Group’s community work

Construction of Laxmi Narayan Temple, Birgunj

Financial aid to various temples

  • Kali Mandir, Rangeli (Morang)
  • Bindwasani Mai Temple, Parsa
  • Durga Temple, Parwanipur
  • Garhi Mai Temple
  • Gahawa Mai Temple, Birgunj
  • Rajdevi Mandir, Kalaiya (Bara)
  • Mahaveer Mandir, Kalaiya (Bara)

Financial aid to local schools and institutions

  • Shree Nepal Rashtriya Geeta Gajendraraj Joshi Madhyamik Vidyalaya - school
  • Chatapipra School, Chatapipra (Bara)
  • Nepal Marwari Parishad, Kathmandu
  • Construction of Mahila and Balbalika Sewa Kendra cell for prisoners in District Police headquarter, Birgunj
  • Construction of Inaruwa/Chapkaiya Poilce Chowki